Choosing Asters for Fall Color

If you’ve seen flowers still blooming into the holiday season, it could be an Aster. Fall Aster varieties are native and are available in an assortment of colors and sizes. Read on to learn about choosing Asters for fall color.

New York Aster
New York Aster

New York Asters are medium-sized perennials that range from 2-4 feet tall. They have smooth leaves and come in shades of pink and purple. I like to combine them with ornamental grasses and colorful fall foliage.

New England Aster
New England Aster (Aster ‘Kickin Carmine Red’)

New England Asters are great choices for tall pops of Fall color. These varieties have hairy leaves and are usually 3-4 feet tall. Aster ‘Kickin Carmine Red’ is a compact example, with vibrant color that stands out and attracts late season pollinators.

Aster ‘Woods Purple’
Aster ‘Woods Purple’

Wood Asters are a nice option for areas with some shade. Many Wood Asters can reach 4-6 feet tall. Compact varieties, like Aster ‘Woods Purple’, only reach 8-16” tall. The light purple blooms look nice paired with Fall foliage like a red Blueberry Bush or purple Loropetalum.

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