Container Design with Beth from Bright Leaf Landscaping

Looking to add year-round color in beautiful container plantings? Beth with Bright Leaf Landscaping is teaching a course at Duke Gardens on Colorful Summer Container Gardens. Beth will take us through two different designs using a combination of evergreen plants along with seasonal interest plants. Each plant builds the color, texture, and seasonality of the planter. The evergreen may be left in place year-round while the other plants are swapped out to freshen the planter each season. The discussion will focus on what to look for in a container, what planting media to use, various plant choices, and then how to plant and maintain your container.

Container class

The course will be offered on Tuesday, May 17th at 3 pm via Zoom. Fee: $15; discount of 20% for Gardens members and supporters. Discounts are available at registration with your discount code. For registration and additional information click here.