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Deer-Proofing Update to My NC Garden

Last year, I made a few attempts to keep the deer from eating my plants. They damaged my Hostas, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, and Strawberry plants. Read on to get an update on my deer-proofing garden successes and failures.

‘I Must Garden’ Cinnamon Scented Deer Repellent

Deer Repellent

It’s 2021 and the deer seem to be here to stay. Last year, I bought ‘I Must Garden’ cinnamon-scented deer repellent. As a reminder to spray, I kept track of the dates on a whiteboard in the kitchen. Luckily the deer didn’t touch my Hostas, but they did munch on the Oak Leaf Hydrangea and Strawberries after forgetting to reapply in the Fall. I planted an Illicium shrub to screen the Oak Leaf Hydrangea, but it hasn’t grown enough to deter the deer. I think I’m going to transplant the Hydrangea away from the woodline and continue spraying.

Groundhogs are Annoying but Cute


My strawberry patch was almost completely defoliated last year by the deer. Or was it? I now have a groundhog who likes to eat my garden. The deer spray does not deter the groundhog, but the deer fencing worked somewhat when laid down on top of the strawberry patch. Having issues with a groundhog in your garden? Check out this video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkOmaLlXiVs

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