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Do I really need a landscape design? What you get from a Bright Leaf Landscaping design.

When I talk to a client over the phone to schedule a consultation I always tell them that we don’t charge for consultation, but we do charge for landscape design. We do this because the consultation allows us to evaluate a project and determine if it is a good fit for the services that we provide, and it gives a potential client a chance to meet with us and determine if we are the best fit for their needs. At the completion of a consultation, I quote a design fee, and ask the client how they would like to proceed. While some small projects don’t require a design, most do. Read on to learn why.

Having a scaled landscape design is the best tool to make sure that everyone involved in a project (the client, designer, and installer) are on the same page. The client is able to look at the design and discuss any changes that they might like to make, the designer can ensure that their vision has been translated correctly to the size, scale, and conditions of the property, and the installer has what they need to provide a top notch installation that meets the client’s expectations.
All of our design is done as scaled drawings in CAD. By using CAD we are able to generate a plant list showing the number of plants needed, as well as generating exact quantities for mulch, soil amendment, gravel, or other materials needed. As a result, we are able to present our clients with a firm cost to install the project when we present their design plan.
Having a design plan also allows the client to have a record of what was planted where as part of the installation. If you’re planning to be in a home long term this can be an invaluable resource. When one Azalea or Japanese Holly in a hedge has to be replaced 10 years from now you can look at your plan and know exactly what cultivar or variety was planted.
When a client asks us to do a design for their property, we develop a scaled plan, including a plant list with both common and botanical names, and plant photos of all plants to be added. Plant photos give the client a snapshot of their plants’ most important feature, and they can use the botanical name to search online for more images of any plants that interest them. This combination of materials tends to be both affordable and informative for our clients, which is our goal.

Interested in having Bright Leaf Landscaping develop a design and estimate for your property? Contact Bright Leaf Landscaping at (919) 475-1015 or fill out our online contact form. Design and installation are our expertise, and we are always happy to meet with new clients to discuss potential projects!