Fall will be here soon

With fall right around the corner now is a great time to think about a new landscape design for your yard. If you are considering hiring a landscape designer, but aren’t sure how you would like to change your yard – don’t worry! Many of our clients start with just a desire to make their property more attractive, without really knowing what that means to them. Read on for advice on clarifying your goals:

Start with identifying what you don’t like

Our clients can typically tell us what they don’t like about their property. It may be views of their neighbors’ properties, poor lawn, erosion, areas that stay too wet, or the presence of deer. Identifying things that you don’t like is the first step to determining what changes need to be made to your property.

Think about how you would like to use your property

Would you like space for outdoor dining? A firepit to hang out with friends? Walkways or improved access to parts of your yard? Play space for kids or open space for pets? A beautiful view from your kitchen or bedroom window? Think about ways that your property could improve the quality of life for you and your family.

Look for images that reflect your preferences

If you’ve ever found yourself flipping through a home or garden magazine and tearing out pages that inspire you, or sorting through images on pinterest you’ve started creating a gallery of ideas that would be very helpful to your designer. Even if the images you find reflect a vacation destination or plants from a radically different climate, these can give a designer a feeling for your preferences with respect to color, texture, and the feeling that you want to create in your landscape.

Now that you’ve identified what you don’t like about your property, thought about how you would like to better use your property, and found some images reflecting your design aesthetic, you are ready to meet with a landscape designer. Schedule an appointment by contacting Bright Leaf Landscaping at 919-475-1015 or fill out our online contact form. Design and installation are our expertise, and we are always happy to meet with new clients to discuss potential projects!