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Flowering Variegated Plant Options

Variegated plants are great way to add interest to your landscape and tie in to the color scheme of your garden. Read on to learn about flowering variegated plant options that will provide a bonus pop of color.

One variegated plant option that also blooms is Hypericum ‘Tricolor’. This is a colorful choice for an evergreen groundcover. H. ‘Tricolor’ has pink, green, and white foliage combined with yellow late summer blooms.

Another variegated choice with purple flowers is Iris ensata ‘Variegata’. I like to use this plant for the spiky foliage. The leaves are creamy white and green and it blooms out early summer.

An interesting option for a flowering variegated plant is Cercis x ‘Whitewater’ (Variegated weeping redbud tree). This redbud has unusual white and green leaves and a weeping habit. However, it still has the same traditional pink spring blooms as the common eastern redbud.

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