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My favorite tools for landscape maintenance

You don’t need a ton of tools to perform most routine gardening tasks, but the right ones will make your life a lot easier.  Read on for a list of my favorite tools for planting, pruning, and everything else.

The first time I went shovel shopping, I bought what I thought was a huge shovel.  It was four feet high, and Jonathan called it a trowel on a stick!  After working in clients’ gardens and my own I realized he was right.  If you are going to do a lot of planting you need a shovel long enough to be comfortable when digging a deep hole, and strong enough to give you leverage when digging in heavy soils.  The shovel I use now is almost as tall as me!  My other favorite tool for planting is a solid steel spade.  I prefer the rounded tip variety – it is great for cutting through roots when planting under trees.

For pruning I rely on two tools from Felco.  I use their classic pruners for cutting through small caliper branches, cutting back perennials and other basic pruning.  A folding saw works great for pruning thicker branches.  Be careful – both are sharp!

The other two tools that I couldn’t get by without are my big garden tubs and a flat tipped maddock.  The maddock is a great tool for chopping through roots, and can also be used to dig holes for bulbs.  I use the tubs for everything – hauling bulbs or fertilizer, holding transplants temporarily, carrying soil, gravel or sand, and as a bucket to pour leaves into the yard waste bin.  Plus, they are available in a bunch of fun colors!

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