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Plants I Use to Make a Vegetable Garden Ornamental

I like to incorporate edible plants with unique colors and foliage into my landscape. My neighbors will agree that my raised veggie beds are an exciting addition to my garden. Read on to find out some plants that I use to make my vegetable garden ornamental.

My mother-in-law gave me some heirloom seeds from Monticello Garden seed collection a few years ago.  My favorite variety was the Scarlet Runner Beans and I have planted them every year since.  I use this plant for its pea shaped bright red flowers that pop in the vegetable garden.  I grow them up a 10’ tall trellis that draws attention from the neighbors and the hummingbirds.

Another great choice for beautifying your vegetable garden is Nasturtium.  I incorporate this plant for its unique round leaf shape and the variety of orange and red blooms.  Nasturtium will grow on the ground level and looks great in combination with the trellised Scarlet Runner Beans.  In NC, they both jump off when the temperatures begin to drop in early fall.

Rainbow chard is a leafy green that adds intense color to my raised beds. I choose this plant for its ornate stem color. The leaves also range from a burgundy color to green with hot pink veination. Rainbow chard works great for NC gardeners due to its heat and cold tolerance.

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