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Resources that we use – NC State University Deer Resistant List and Plant Database

If you’ve ever tried googling a plant name, or a gardening question, you’ve probably come across a lot of information, much of it contradictory. One important consideration when gathering information related to plants or gardening is where geographically that information comes from.

For example, I subscribe to several gardening magazines, which are headquartered and written throughout the country, from New England, the South East, and Pacific Northwest. I’ve seen photos of roses and hosta growing next to each other in full sun – something that would never work here in North Carolina, but is a possibility up north or out west. Fortunately for North Carolina gardeners, we have several resources based on research right here at NC State University. Read on to learn about two that we use regularly.

NC State University Deer Resistant Plant List

Many of our clients have properties with deer – in fact it is one of the most frequent challenges we run into when creating a design for a client. While deer can eat anything when food is limited, there are some plants that they prefer and some that they avoid. To view the NC State University Deer Resistant List go to:


NC State University Plant Database

Another great resource from NC State is their plant database. While several large universities have plant databases including U Conn and Virginia Tech, I always start my research with the NC State database. Their test fields are right here in the triangle, with plants being exposed to conditions very similar to my own yard. Check out the database at:


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