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3 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Spring

Step 1 – Make a Landscape Design Plan
Step 2
– Plant: Winter is a great time!
Step 3 – Prepare

Clients often ask us what they can do during the winter to get their yard ready for spring, summer and fall. Our answer – tons of things!

  • First, create a landscape design plan. Winter is a great time to think about the seasons ahead and work on planning your landscape – consider hiring a designer to create a scaled drawing.
  • Second, plant! Winter is absolutely a great time to work on a planting installation. While some perennials may be unavailable the vast majority of our plants do great when planted in the winter.
  • Third, prepare. Not ready to start planting? There are still things you can do to move your project forward. Start saving so you have funds available for future projects. Get outside and make notes about your winter garden – what do you like and what isn’t working? Browse garden magazines for inspiration.

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