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Low Growing Plants that Work Well on Slopes

I get a lot of calls from clients who are stumped on what to do with their sloped yards. There are a variety of plants that I use to resolve erosion issues and ensure less maintenance. Read on to learn about low growing plants that work well on slopes.

One of my favorite low growing plants to use on slopes is Cotoneaster ‘Coral Beauty’. This is a great evergreen option that offers white flowers with purple anthers and abundant coral colored berries that can persist into winter if the birds don’t eat them. The foliage also turns a bronze or purple tone in the winter. Once Cotoneaster spreads to form a groundcover, it will suppress weeds and decrease the amount of mulching required.

Rhus ‘Gro-Low’ is another interesting plant to incorporate into a slope or bank. Similar to Cotoneaster, this option will provide some erosion control, tolerate sun and shade, and attract butterflies. I like to use this deciduous choice for the fragrance, fall color, and unique fruit.

Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’ is a simple low growing plant for slopes that is evergreen, but does not flower. Japanese garden juniper works well for formal, modern, or Asian style gardens. This plant requires full sun, but can tolerate heat and drought. The foliage may turn purple in the winter to offer a bit of seasonal interest.

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