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December – Plants that look great in Christmas Lights

I love the holiday season and start decorating sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving each year.  While I love getting my house ready for the season, I also really enjoy seeing what my neighbors are doing to decorate their yards.  Read on to learn how to incorporate Christmas lights into your landscape.

If you’ve got mature conifers planted in your yard chances are good that you’ve got a great place to put some lights.  Pyramidal conifers such as Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Japanese Cedar, and even Leyland Cypress look great in holiday lights, and depending on their size, can make a huge statement in the winter garden.

For a different, but equally impactful look, consider wrapping a deciduous tree in lights.  Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Redbuds, etc. all look great in lights, after the leaves have fallen.  Just be sure not to wrap so tightly that you hurt the bark, and take the lights down after the holidays are over.

A really cool new way to use Christmas lights that has become popular in my neighborhood in the past few years are the large light balls hung from deciduous trees.  Made of chicken wire and lights, you’ll see these in the canopies of large shade trees on Club Blvd.  My son and I love seeing these on our way home each day, and I so appreciate the neighbors that take the time to put on such a display.

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