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Interesting Evergreens for the Winter Garden in Raleigh

As the leaves fall my focus shifts from beautiful fall color to plants that stay evergreen year round. While many evergreens are used simply as background plants to keep gardens from looking bare, or to provide year round screening, there are some uniquely interesting evergreens that can be added to your garden. Read on to learn about two.

The Thunderhead Pine, with its sculptural form and fine texture makes a dramatic addition to any garden. I like to pair this plant with cannas for a bold textural contrast in the summer, but it would also look great surrounded by broad leaved shrubs or ornamental grasses. Plant this specimen where you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty year round.

I’ve never been a big fan of traditional topiary plants – spirals, pompoms etc. But, one topiary that I think it just unusual enough to be cool is the animal topiaries made from boxwood. These plants, especially the bears shown above are certainly not for everyone. In my own yard, I’d consider planting a bear in my butterfly garden – I think my son would love to see butterflies flying among the perennials surrounding this whimsical plant.

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