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Fragrance in the Garden for Each Season

Fragrant plants in a garden are those to be truly treasured.  These plants welcome you home each day and are the ones that draw you into your landscape.  Read on to learn about plants that I recommend for fragrance in the garden for each season.

Many plants can be utilized to standout in the winter such as witch hazel.  The Hamamelis cultivars, including ‘Arnold Promise’ or ‘Carmine Red’, don’t just give stellar color to a winter garden, but add a wonderful fragrance.

One of my favorite fragrant plants is Calycanthus floridus.  You may know it as Sweet Betsy, Carolina Allspice, or Sweetshrub.  It blooms in late spring and has a fruity scent.

Gardenia jasminoides is a long-lasting summer bloomer that is a great choice for your landscape.  There are many cultivars that range in sizes, but what they all have in common is the standout fragrance.  This evergreen shrub is a great option for cut flowers.

Another useful evergreen shrub that sends out a nice perfume in the fall is Osmanthus fragrans.  Although the flowers are inconspicuous, the scent is remarkable.  This plant works in a variety of sun conditions, is deer resistant, and can be used for screening purposes.

Flowers are a great addition to any garden, but fragrance is a wonderful way to intrigue the senses.  Interested in adding some of these seasonal fragrant bloomers to your landscape? Contact Bright Leaf Landscaping at 919-475-1015 or fill out our online contact form. Design and installation are our expertise, and we are always happy to meet with new clients to discuss potential projects!