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January: Planning Your Garden – 2 Books to Check Out

Winter is a great time to plan your garden and many local gardens offer fantastic programming during this time. Last year I attended the Winter Symposium at JC Raulston Arboretum, and wanted to share two fabulous books for gardeners planning a new space.

Foodscape Revolution

If you’re interested in adding edibles to your garden definitely check out Brie Arthur’s book The Foodscape Revolution. Brie is local to the triangle region and a great speaker and garden communicator. Her book covers how to add edibles as part of a garden – not isolated in a separate space. The book includes detailed plans and recommendations for gardeners starting to add edibles, as well as those looking to expand an existing garden. Learn more about Brie’s work at:  https://www.briegrows.com/products/the-foodscape-revolution

Garden Renovation

A big part of garden design and planning comes from experience – being able to look at a space and see what should stay, go, or change. One challenge for new gardeners is being able to tap into this experience when they are starting out. My second book recommendation is Garden Renovation by Bobbi Schwartz. This is the first resource that I’ve found that walks gardeners through how to take stock of their existing space and then identify how to transform it. Rather than just showing dramatic before and after images, the book helps gardeners come up with a plan, and implement it. Learn more about Bobbi’s work at:: https://clevelandlandscapegarden.com/

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