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Plants to Include in a Tea Garden

Last fall, I was sitting around the kitchen table having tea with my sister. We decided to take a tour of my garden and identify plants that I can make tea from. Read on to learn about which plants I plan to use for tea.
Camellia sinensis (Fall Blooming Camellia) and Dried Tea Leaves

The first plant that jumped out was one of my Camellias. Camellia sinensis leaves and leaf buds are a nice choice for homemade tea. If you like Oolong tea, try making this.

Chamelia and Dried Tea Leaves

Hibiscus and Echinacea

Hibiscus and EchinaceaAs we made our way to the front yard, I saw my Hibiscus plant. I planted the Hibiscus to attract hummingbirds and realized that I can also use it for homemade tea. On this plant, you can use the flowers, leaves, and fruit for tea. It is used medicinally and is packed with Vitamin C.
We strolled over to a popular spot; my herb garden. I’m here regularly cutting fresh herbs for cooking and the pollinators love the blooms. My Echinacea flower buds and the leaves and flowers of my lemon balm, lavender, and mint will make nice tea. My sister and I plan to dry and brew a variety homemade tea in 2019.
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