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Landscape Products I Don’t Recommend

Many landscape products are marketed to solve your gardening problems. Before you spend money on DIY projects, consider the pros and cons. Read on to learn about some landscape products I don’t recommend and why.

Exposed Weed Fabric

Exposed Weed Fabric

Weed fabric is a product I would skip. It’s a temporary fix that ends up exposed and unsightly over time. Weed seeds germinate on top of the fabric, defeating the purpose. It blocks birds from digging for insects and worms. I’d suggest practicing proper weed management and mulching for a natural landscape.

Plastic Edging

Landscape Edging

Plastic edging won’t provide a refined landscape aesthetic. It looks cheap, especially when it begins to shift and become exposed. If you decorate your yard with plastic flamingos, maybe you could tie it in. If you like to attract actual birds, I’d suggest a natural approach to your landscape design. A simple trench edge will provide clean bed lines and easy maintenance.

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