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Landscaping for Privacy in Hillsborough

In this Hillsborough landscaping design project, we faced unique challenges given that the home sits at the top of a hill. Because of its position, the homeowners had no privacy whatsoever while enjoying their patio area. Additionally, they were able to see every detail of their neighbors’ homes and backyards. Our focus was on softening the edges of the patio so it blended with the rest of their property while installing fast-growing trees around the border that would provide them more and more privacy as time goes on. Although you can still see somewhat through the trees now, they already have more privacy and feel significantly less exposed while sitting on the patio. Even more, after a few years of growth, the patio will be completely private.

Are you looking for professional landscaping solutions to privacy issues? Allow our landscaping for privacy experts to create a plan that will beautify your property while providing you with the privacy that you crave. Contact us today to discuss your property!