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Plants that Add Drama to the NC Garden

A landscape design can be more impactful when using plants with standout color, texture, or form. I like gardens that have a balance of dramatic plants with year round interest. Read on to learn about plants that add drama to the garden.

A solid choice for an evergreen plant that draws attention is Yucca filamentosa ‘Color Guard’. This plant is noteworthy for the spikey texture, variegated foliage, and unique spiral threads. Yucca ‘Color Guard’ is a tropical looking plant that is cold hardy and adds drama in the winter. In cool weather, the yellow stripe turns rose-colored on many of the leaves, lasting through early spring.

Another cool evergreen perennial is Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’. This cultivar has variegated leaves that range from yellow, pink, green, to burgundy and purple in the winter. The foliage is topped with clusters of variegated yellow, green, and red flowers (bracts) that add drama in the spring.

Bulbs provide a short-lived pop of color and are a fun way to add drama to the garden. An attention grabber for any perennial bed is Allium ‘Gladiator’. This early summer bloomer reaches 4’ tall and the gigantic blooms are up to 8” wide.

Another show-stopper for your landscape is Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple). Acer palmatum cultivars have dramatic characteristics such as branching form, bark color, and leaf shape. However, they are most well known for their vibrant fall colors of reds, oranges, and yellows.

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