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Plants with Great Weeping Form

Adding a weeping plant to your yard is a great way to add a sculptural element with seasonal interest. Fortunately for us, there are several plants with great weeping form, and various sizes and shapes that do well here in North Carolina. Read on to learn about some interesting weeping plants and how to incorporate them into your yard.

I love Japanese Maples, their form, foliage, and fall color. In spring and summer they provide delicate foliage in a range of colors, fall brings yellow, orange, or red foliage, followed by the sculptural bare branches in the winter, that look great covered in Christmas lights. Weeping Japanese Maples can be planted in sun or shade, with the green leaved forms being the best choice for a shady site. Though typically planted when just two feet tall, these tough plants can reach six to eight feet in height and spread, and need to be sited with plenty of space.

If you’re looking for a really unique plant to add to your yard, consider a weeping Cedar. In addition to their blue green evergreen foliage, their form is one of the most unusual you can find. They can be trained with a broad cascading form as shown in the image above, or with a serpentine structure. Citing these plants correctly is important, as they can get up to twenty feet wide – one option is to train this plant over a walkway or entrance to create a bold impact.

If you’re looking for a weeping plant that also flowers, consider one of the many weeping redbuds that are in cultivation. With a choice or green or red foliage, and weeping or serpentine forms, you are sure to find a plant that will work in the space and setting that you are designing.

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