Tips for Gardeners Afraid of Bugs

I love nature and wildlife, but I don’t sit well with bugs. This can be a problem since I spend a lot of time outdoors and in my garden. I struggle with beneficial insects because I know they are good, but I have a tough time refraining from foul language and loud screams. Read on about tips for gardeners who are afraid of bugs.

Every summer my perennial bed comes alive with creepy crawlies. I’ve had close to a dozen of the black and yellow garden spiders one summer mixed in my flowers. One tip is to keep an inventory of your garden spiders, so you know where to avoid stepping. I check on them frequently because they move their webs and can surprise you. Another tip is to give them names. I typically use the same names each year, such as ‘Big Daddy’ or ‘Big Mama’. Once you build a relationship with them, they’re slightly less scary.

I was traumatized by a swarm of cicadas in 1987 and have despised them ever since. At least garden spiders stay put. Cicadas are a nuisance in my garden because they fly full speed right at you and come out of nowhere. My suggestion to dealing with these monsters is to get a garden cat. My outdoor cat hunts cicadas all summer and brings them to my doorstep. I’ll take that over a bird or mouse any day.

As my perennial bed has grown over the years, many insects and spiders have inhabited my garden. I’m not sure if grasshoppers are good or bad. Maybe they’re pollinating and I do I think they are cool looking. However, they also defoliate some of my plants and they frequently startle me. My tip on how to deal with these critters is to yell at them, like ‘Don’t look at me’ or ‘Go away.’ It makes me laugh and distracts me from my fear.

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