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What Are Your Landscapers Doing During Winter?

Come up with exciting new ideas for your garden!

Rather than stay inside during the recent ice storm, we went to the Green and Growin’ Show in Greensboro. In addition to showcasing the best plants suppliers and growers in our area, this was also an opportunity for us as landscape designers and installers to learn what is new and interesting in our industry. We take what we learn from this and other events and incorporate new ideas into the plans for our Durham landscaping clients.

One of the highlights was a presentation by Bryce Lane host of UNC-TV’s In The Garden. The presentation covered new plant combinations as well as some ways to deal with changing climactic conditions in Durham and surrounding areas.

Beth’s favorite new idea was a pairing of Edgeworthia Papyrifera with Daphne Genkwa for an early spring bloom combination with great fragrance. Both plants are ideally suited for part shade/part sun conditions in our area and are a great way to add late winter/early spring blooms to your garden. Plus these plants are deer resistant.

Jonathan’s favorite idea dealt with the ability of plants to improve the health of our environment. Each tree planted fixes 1 ton of carbon dioxide in its life. If the average person plants 7 trees per year, they can completely cancel their carbon footprint negating any negative carbon impact they have on the planet. Given the number of trees we plant in a year, he thinks we should expand from landscape design to selling carbon footprint offsets.

We hope everyone else finding something to keep them busy during this cold weather. Spring will be here before you know it and we can all get back outside. If you’d like additional information or a free consultation, please contact us or call 919-475-1015.