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Fall Blooming Perennials for Shade

As summer ends and fall begins hot colors abound in the garden. Plants such as Goldenrods, Asters, and Sedum are at their peak and Cannas and Echinaceas are continuing to bloom as well. Given the length of the summer growing season in central North Carolina, by the end of August I find myself fatigued with the hot colors that I was so excited to see just a few months ago. I know that it will be weeks before cooler temperatures and fall foliage displays begin, but I want something fresh and cool to tide me over until then. Read on to learn about two of my favorite plants for this time of year.

I don’t ordinarily use perennials with a short bloom time, but I make an exception with Tricyrtis sp. or Toadlily because of its beautifully unique flowers. Flowering in part shade, these plants add vibrant color to the garden and always get a second look. Pair them with evergreen ferns to play up their delicate shape and create a lovely combination.

Anemones are a true workhorse in the garden. Blooming at the end of summer in part shade, these plants reach maturity and spread vigorously in as few as two seasons. In my garden, ‘Honorine Jobert’ produces flowers over three feet tall, and has now been transplanted to the back of the perennial border. Because of its vigor and the height of the flowers this plant can become a bit floppy, so consider placing it behind a cluster of shorter Hostas or other shade growers.

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