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My COVID Project – My Inspiration Part 1

 Over the past few months, I’ve introduced you to my backyard and its challenges, but now I’m excited to move on to my inspiration for the space. As someone who has worked in the landscaping industry for over a decade I’ve seen a lot of gardens –many in person, and many many more in gardening publications. Read on to learn about the two that most inspired me.

Inspiration #1: La Louve (The She-Wolf), Nicole de Vésian’s House and Garden in Provence

La Louve

If I could visit one garden anywhere in the world my first choice would be La Louve in Provence, France. From the use of stone and gravel, the minimalist plant palette, and the spectacular views everything about this garden is a work of art. Because I knew that my garden would include rock and gravel, this beautiful space was a natural jumping-off point in identifying the overall feel I wanted my space to have.

Inspiration #2: Jardin Majorelle, Yves Saint Laurent’s House and Garden in Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle

My second garden inspiration is a paradise-style garden in Marrakech. This garden is more inward-facing, relying less on views outside of the property and more on creating a feeling of enclosure from the outside world. The garden also has a greater diversity of plants and significantly more color both in the plants and in the paving materials, pots, and other garden ornaments.

While my two garden inspirations have obvious differences they do share some common elements. Both are located in the Mediterranean region, and both give me the feeling of being transported to a different place. Additionally, they are both fully committed to an ideal – whether in the simplicity of their plant choices or in their use of color. Neither is trying to be anything other than what it is.

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