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Perennial Container Combinations for Shade

Container plantings are a nice way to add color and interest to a porch, patio, or landscape. People tend to plant annuals in their containers, which can be expensive and high maintenance over time. I prefer to use perennials for containers that will last for multiple seasons. Read on to learn some examples of perennial container combinations for shade.

One successful combination that I’ve used for a shady location is Acorus ‘Ogon’, Heuchera ‘Watermelon’, and Athyrium ‘Pictum’. I chose Acorus and Heuchera for the leaf form and color that lasts through the winter. For contrast, I went with a Japanese painted fern for the delicate texture that will go dormant after a frost and then re-emerge in the spring.

I also have a similar shady container pairing of Carex ‘Evergold’, Heuchera ‘Black Olive’, and Korean Rock Fern. The Carex will weep over the edge of the container as opposed to the upright form of Acorus. Heuchera ‘Black Olive’ foliage has great seasonal color changes. The Korean rock fern offers a wispy texture like Athyrium, but happens to be an evergreen option.

The benefits to using perennials in a container planting are that you only buy the plants and potting soil once. It’s also a chance to repeat plants that you have in your landscape into your container. Interested in adding perennials to your containers? Contact Bright Leaf Landscaping at 919-619-4460 or fill out our online contact form. Landscape design and installation are our expertise, and we are always happy to speak with new clients about potential projects!